Build your Personal Agility to facilitate change in your work or personal life.

Chances are, if you’re looking for a coach, you’re feeling a little stuck.

At the very least, you might feel you need something to change. It could be an area in your personal life, or your career. It’s different for everyone. Perhaps you are facing a seemingly unconquerable crisis, or you feel you are going in circles. Teaming up with a coach is an excellent way to get yourself unstuck.

Personal Agility is the antidote to "stuckness"

When we are stuck, we sometimes know what needs to be done. We have envisioned ourselves successfully executing a manoeuvre. Knowing is half the challenge; it is our ability to facilitate change, in the moment, that allows us to pull off the manoeuvre; this is Personal Agility. Read each Personal Agility quality, and then the example of the dancer.

Personal Agility qualities


Imagine a dancer. The dancer needs to move to a challenging position in a routine. Notice the qualities of Personal Agility as they move:

  1. Understand what value you are exercising by choosing the change (know why)

  2. Be aware of what in you could trip you up or boost you (look inward)

  3. Manage the inevitable anxiety that wells up in the face of change (challenge the irrational elements, prepare for the reality, be present)

  4. Hope that you can pull it off (look forward)

  5. Take action (leap)

  6. Be flexible as you move (adapt in the air) 


Together, we will consciously practise Personal Agility qualities so that you can ease out of stuckness more and more effectively.

My background

I have both a Psychology and corporate performance background. I have years of counselling experience and enjoyed facilitating an incredible personal growth programme for counsellors. I studied the Advanced Coach Practitioner Program at the South African College of Applied Psychology. It is accredited by the International Coaches Federation.

Over ten years of quality and performance management in corporate settings have equipped me to facilitate growth with my clients in both work and personal life.

Psychology Post-graduate

Advanced Facilitation

Advanced Coach Practitioner Program

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Michelle Schoeman

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I had been contemplating my resignation for some time and did not only want to look for a new job but look for new joy and fulfillment. My coaching sessions with Jenna enabled me to commit to a regular hour in which to explore the missing elements I wanted to make part of my new work-life. It was a way for me to dedicate time in an otherwise fast-paced existence for “thinking” and “reflecting”. The warm, safe space that Jenna facilitates along with her keen observations brought clarity and focus to the next steps I want to take. – Thank you.

Practice location: Cape Town & virtual  |  Tel: +27 82 563 6425

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