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Don’t waste your team’s potential; empower them to lead.


Your people's challenges

Meaning: The work I do is meaningful to me.

A challenge in this area could look like a lack of engagement


Self-determination: I decide on my own how to go about doing my work.

A challenge in this area could look like a lack of proactivity or slowness to problem-solve


Competence: I have the skills necessary for my job.

A challenge in this area could look like poor communication about expectations, or siloed teams in a business unit they lead


Impact: I have significant influence over what happens in my world of work.

A challenge in this area could look like a high turnover in their team or a lack of industry networking/recognition

The benefits of coaching

Higher psychological empowerment for worklife (Meaning, self-determination, competence, and impact)

Better performance, based on collaborative goals

Greater capacity for your executives as managers take on more accountability

Fewer fires to put out because your leaders are running a tighter ship

Your people feel immediately valued

Attract excellent talent as your company is perceived as a great place to work

What Clients Say

"I had just been promoted to a senior manager role and Jenna helped me figure out how to own it with confidence. My team respects me and I have just been offered an additional promotion, after just six months."


My primary approach is Solutions-Focused Brief Coaching

Solutions-focused coaching may be defined as ‘an outcome orientated, competence-based approach’ which encourages clients to take personal responsibility and focus on future actions to direct these towards a specific goal using their personal strengths to best effect.   


Some examples of techniques:

  • OSKAR - Outcome, scaling, know-how and resources, affirm and action, review

  • The Great Instead

  • The Miracle Question

  • Thinking Pause

  • Wings and lines used in conjunction with exploration of the client's psychodynamics (blind spots, triggers, conflict style, leadership style, motivations and instincts, etc.)


  • We'll use the iEQ9 Enneagram assessment and individual/team report to accelerate self-awareness

  • The Psychological Empowerment Instrument for baseline and post-intervention 

  • Customised self-rating and 360-style scales, co-created with the coachee and their manager,  to measure observable progress in the four Psychological Empowerment areas

  • A host of other tools that are accessible when needed


For private, individual sessions, I have a standard rate of R950 per hour (neg.)

For company, group or corporate clients my baseline fee is R950 per individual per hour. Additional costs like meetings, reports, workshops, misc. will be quoted as we go.

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About me

I empower people to effect change courageously

Over ten years of quality and performance management in corporate settings have equipped me to facilitate intra and interpersonal change. 

After many years of counselling, I completed the Advanced Coach Practitioner Program at the South African College of Applied Psychology. It is accredited by the International Coaches Federation. I am an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and have been happily growing my coaching practice for over three years.

Practice location: Cape Town & virtual  |  Tel: +27 82 563 6425

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